Chaotic Limbs Company combines dance, theatre and contorsion focussing on sociopolitical themes.

Founded in Berlin in 2016 the company is led by Artistic Director Paola Zadra. With extensive experience in contemporary dance Paola's passion is to create and present unique dance performance. Each production explores a conventional wisdom and asks us to reflect and ask ourselves - what is true?

Audiences are invited to find the humour and purpose in each company piece.


Jingle Hell !!!

Will the holiday season ever be the same for you (after this)?

A dance theatre performance about memories, consumerism and traders' pilgrimages to the Far East.

The four performers dance to a captivating soundtrack to take you into a world of tradition, snow and forced joy and harmony.

Will there be something behind this facade? And where are you in the struggle between tradition and innovation, production and do-it-yourself (DIY) products?


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Berlin Shows // Nov & Dec 2019

"Jingle Hell" - it's Christmas but with a twist....

19th November @ 10pm, Eschschloraque, Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin.

30th November, Kultur-Café Schöneberg, Nachbarschaftshaus Friedenau, Holsteinische Str. 30, 12161.

21st December @ 7pm, Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Eisenbahnstraße 21.
22nd December @ 6pm, Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Eisenbahnstraße 21.

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